Amanda Neutron

Amanda Neutron

Gender Female
Hair Color Gray
Relationship Her Family Excepts Baby Eddie
Family Jimmy Neutron (great nephew)
Baby Eddie (great nephew)
Hugh Neutron
Judy Neutron
Anabelle Neutron
Granny Neutron
Friends Her family
Likes Everything Excepts Baby Eddie
Dislikes Baby Eddie,
Voice Actor Tress MacNeille

Amanda Neutron is a character in ‘‘The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. She is Jimmy's rich great aunt who only appears in "Clash of the Cousins."

At first, Amanda doesn't really like Jimmy's Bad Inventions because he brings danger to Retroville. In the end, she reconciled with him after revealing Baby Eddie's evil plan to kill them all.

Physical appearance

She is old and has grey hair. She also wears a floral dress. Her face is a near-copy and paste of Hugh Neutron's.

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