The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Wiki

Gomer Neutron is the older cousin of Jimmy Neutron, who is extremely stupid and plays ping pong with a ball when that is covered in saliva and is known as his "spitball". Gomer appears only in "Clash of the Cousins." 


Gomer is dim-witted and comic relief, but friendly and polite.

Unlike the other relatives, he likes Jimmy and doesn't get mad at him and is also helpful to him, as well as his friends.


Gomer resembles his cousin Hugh, sporting the Neutron large nose, long chin, and thick round eyebrows. But he doesn't wear glasses like most of his family and has red hair instead of brown. His hair is on the short side with a slightly longer curl in the back and a slicked back quiff in the front. He has a mole/freckle on his left cheek and on the left side of his chin.

His eyes are grey and unfocused most of the time, and his tongue is long and able to reach the top of his head. his posture has slouched, and he stands with a bend at his knee, leading to him not standing at his full height.

Gomer wears a yellow-tan short-sleeved polo shirt tucked into his pants. The sleeves of his shirt have rimmed with brown, and there is a diamond-patterned band on his chest. His pants are a matching brown, and he wears brown shoes with black soles.


  • Charade? I thought we was playing’ Ping Pong.


  • Gomer can touch his head with his tongue. 


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