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Granny Neutron
Granny Neutron.jpg

Gender Female
Hair Color Light gray
Family Hugh Neutron (son)
Jimmy Neutron (grandson)
Judy Neutron (daughter-in-law)
Baby Eddie (grandson)
Anabelle Neutron
Amanda Neutron (sister-in-law)Newt Neutron [son]
Friends Miss Fowl
Sam Melvick
Likes Telling weird stories that don't appeal to Jimmy
Dislikes Loud noises and things that are very disturbing, the sun hurting her eyes, being forced to smile and having her dentures fall out
Voice Actor Phyllis Diller
Rose Marie (2013-present)

Granny Neutron is a character in [[The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. She is Hugh and Newt's mom Jimmy's grandma And Judy's mother in law 

Granny is very old and when she tells stories of her past life sometimes, they can be a bit long, gross, or boring (especially to Jimmy).

Physical appearance

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"Granny Baby"

In her first appearance in "Granny Baby," Jimmy accidentally turned her into a baby. It was hard to handle her like that, considering that since she pooped in the diaper, she was wearing a lot of diapers and it just kept getting worse until Jimmy got Cindy to change the diaper. When she was a baby, Granny had a pooping problem and she always pooped in her diaper. Soon, her dirty diaper was changed and she later asked for another. She could talk, but her mind was immature and it made her act like a regular baby.

"Send in the Clones"

In her last appearance in "Send in the Clones," Jimmy sent the Happy clone to be with her. She was angry after Happy Jimmy made her smile, making her dentures fall out of her mouth.

"Clash of the Cousins"

While not actually appearing, Granny has been mentioned.


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