Hugh Neutron

Hugh Neutron

Hugh Neutron, Jimmy Neutron's father
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Relationship Judy Neutron
Family Judy Neutron (wife),

Jimmy Neutron (son), Granny Neutron (mother) Newt Neutron (brother)

Friends Judy Neutron, Jimmy Neutron
Likes ducks, pies, his family
Dislikes raisins
Voice Actor Mark DeCarlo

"Endless Pie, Endless Pie..."

Hubert Beaumont "Hugh"  Neutron (b. November 12, 1968 age 33) is the simple-minded father of JimBOB Neutron and husband of Judy Neutron. He is known to love ducks, almost to the point of a complete obsession. Despite his dimwitted demeanor, it is actually from Hugh's side of the family where Jimmy gets his genius gene from. He also likes to polish his wooden duck models, one of his favorite pie brand is Aunt Moe's Pies, which was in a storage truck, when the Nanobots were deleting everybody in town, including the driver of the truck, Hugh was enjoying the pies, before they got burned by the Nanobot's explosion.


Hugh is a tall man who wears glasses and a blue sweater vest with a red tie. He also has an unusually shaped nose which most Neutrons have (aside from Jimmy and Baby Eddie)

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