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Judy Neutron

Gender Female
Hair Color Light brown
Relationship Hugh Neutron
Family Jimmy Neutron (son)
Hugh Neutron (husband)
Granny Neutron (mother-in-law)Newt Neutron (brother in law)
Friends Her family
Likes Baking, taking care of her family
Dislikes Being replaced,
Voice Actor Megan Cavanagh

Judith Honey "Judy" Neutron (born Febuary 8, 1971 age 30) is Jimmy's caring and intelligent mother. Full of common sense, Judy is amused with the many antics of her husband. Like a typical mother, she is often preoccupied with tidying up and usually is concerned when Jimmy is off adventuring, of which Hugh is usually oblivious and unaware of, often lamenting the fact her son is such a genius. She sometimes dusts the front lawn, which is quite terrifying. Carl also falls in love with her in "Love Potion 976/J". She is also an unofficial grease monkey and is very knowledgeable with machines. In the early episodes, it was hinted that Judy is a genius like her son and thus where he gets his intelligence from. An example occurred in one of the first episodes, "See Jimmy Run", when she correctly and accurately predicted how Jimmy's invention - supercharged running shoes - would fail. She's the wife of used car salesman, Hugh Neutron. She is voiced by Megan Cavanagh.

Physical appearance

Judy is tall and skinny, 50s housewife style. She has long / straight light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She wears jumbo gold hoop earrings, wears a green sleeveless dress with small pink polka-dots, along with a white pearl necklace. Judy wears green high-heel dress shoes, wears red lipstick, and has a mole on the right side of her face. Her nails are polished with purple nail polish.

In Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Judy sometimes wore a white apron.



  • It is hinted Jimmy got his form of intelligence from his mom, but it was actually a gene from his dad. If that would be the case, Jimmy's looks might as well come from his mom (with the exception of the fudgehead).
  • Judy is hypnotized by others many times throughout The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Most notably, in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, she is deeply hypnotized by Timmy into thinking that she's Mighty Mom. She stays in this hypnotically-brainwashed state for the entirety of the program, and she's never seen going back to her normal state.