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Kari Neutron is the mother of Baby Eddie, the wife of Newt Neutron, the sister of Hugh, daughter of Granny Neutron, the sister-in-law of Judy and aunt of Jimmy Neutron. She has only appeared in "Clash of the Cousins." She has seen in the episode Clash of the Cousins. She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


She was completely horrified and fainted when Jimmy attacked Baby Eddie. When she awoke she picked up her son in scolded Jimmy for what he did. Kari was alarmed when her son‘a rattle explode, due to Jimmy rigging it. Afterwards, she was shocked to discover her baby speaking adult speak. She reconciles with Jimmy and apologizes to him and his parents for little Eddie trying to destroy them all. However, Jimmy comments: If I were you, Aunt Kari, I'd keep a leash on him. This suggestion horrified Eddie who was left screaming revenge at Jimmy while he was taken away by his mother.


Kari Neutron bares a heavy resemblance to her brother Hugh, with a long chin and trademark large nose. She has thick dark eyebrow, and dark brown hair pulled back into a neat pony-tail, it is held back by a light blue hair-tie.

She has a small freckle or mole on the right side of her chin. She wears a light red lipstick with purple-tinted brown eye-shadow. Her eyes are grey.

She wears an olive to army green high-waisted skirt and a light grey v-neck sleeveless top with white and blue lines of varying directions. Her shoes are dark, a pair of dark brown or black flats.