The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Wiki


Hi i'm Sheen and welcome to the A.O.J.N Wiki. We're always glad to have new users, and the amount of information needed to be added and organized is bigger than the Universe!! But we ask that you check the standards before uploading any pictures or editing large amounts.


This is basically a free-for-all. We do allow people to upload pictures not pertaining to A.O.J.N, as well as fanart, but they must be kept on the user page ONLY and marked with a template. If not, they'll get deleted. However, you need to check the standards for what is acceptable in a picture, regardless of whether or not it's A.O.J.N.


Once again, we don't have any rules for this other than it must be user-friendly. No explicit stuff. We do caution you against using personal information.

Talk Pages

These are where you can discuss a page. No need to get nasty, try not to insult or offend anyone. Keep it clean. Theories are allowed for now, but a forum will be started soon where you can discuss theories. Talk pages are for what goes on a page. User talk pages must be kept clean as well.


We please ask that the information you put on pages be strictly factual. No concepts (concept art excluded) or possible theories. If you have a piece of information that sounds a bit questionable, be ready to back it up with a reliable source.

Talk Boxes

Talk boxes are a nice way to tell users apart on a talk page. Some users complain that they slow down the computer, so it's your choice whether or not to use them. The template is here for all to use. If you need help, contact one of our administrators.

Fanart, fanfiction, fan-anything?

Yes, you can. If you have a Robot or an Alien, or anything fan-related you've come up with, you may create a page in your user namespace (i.e. User:Example/ExampleName). Fanart is also allowed to illustrate these and your userpage, but mark it with a template proclaiming it as such. The largest amount of pictures on your personal gallery is 250.