Nick Dean.png

Gender Male
Hair Color Black (possibly dyed with mousse)
Relationship Cindy Vortex
Family ?
Friends Jimmy Neutron, Sheen Estevez
Likes Skateboarding, styling his hair, Getting girls
Voice Actor Candi Milo

Nicholas "Nick" Dean is the most popular kid in Retroville whom all the girls dig. He rides a skateboard, doing stunts which sometimes ends up getting him injured, where in the episode "Lady Sings the News", Jimmy Neutron comments that Nick has broken his leg sixteen times in this year alone. He tends to scream like a little girl at moments, (when he saw Poultra's come out of the giant egg, and getting attacked by the Twonkie, that he sing a song to.)



Nick has styled black hair and dark white skin. He wears a blue shirt with a white shirt under it in the first season, though changes to a black leather jacket in the second season. He wears the same dark pants in each of his appearances.


Nick is the oldest of Jimmy Neutron's companions, having to repeat fourth grade due to tardiness. He enjoys giving mature advice to Jimmy and his other friends. He is obsessed with styling his hair, and likes to flip his hair around. When in extreme pain, Nick will let out a high-pitched scream that sounds like that of a female's. He sings in German secretly, as he thinks it is "uncool". In the movie, he was always holding a purple lollipop, but this was later removed when the television series was created.


Nick Dean appears in most episodes of the series, mainly as a supporting character in the episodes (adding to the plot). He occasionally appears as a cameo. His first appearance was in the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie that inspired the television series.

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