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Samuel "Sam" Melvick

Samuel "Sam" Melvick is the husky and short-tempered owner of "Candy Bar," the ice cream parlor where the kids like to hang out. His nametag simply reads "Sam". He has an enormous sweet tooth, and he is often seen eating chocolate sauce and jellybeans. His common catchphrase is "Yeah." Evil Jimmy once hypnoptized Sam into believing he was Queen Elizabeth ll. Although he is seen in most episodes, his role is quite minor. Often he is an antagonist of the episode. He gotten Jealous of Jimmy's special candy, which made his Candy Bar Close down. After Jimmy got rid of the problem with the candy, Sam had his job back and reopened the Candy Bar.


  • Sam doesn't like people using the bathroom without buying anything and also hates when they act crazy or strange.
  • In some episodes, Ms. Fowl was Sam's girlfriend.
  • In [The N-Men," Sam called the Military to capture the N-Men, because of them making havoc in Retroville.
  • Sam briefly had a Twonkie, but it was mutated by the music of Graystar.
  • Although he seems to like candy, he is the only one in Retroville, aside from Jimmy, who did not eat Jimmy's perfect yet higly addictive candy. In fact, he hated it, in part because his business could not possibly compete.
  • He plays the violin.
  • He is voiced by Billy West.