Sasha Vortex

Sasha Vortex
Mrs. Vortex.jpg

Sasha Vortex in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Relationship Mr. Vortex
Family Mr. Vortex (husband), Cindy Vortex (daughter), Susie Vortex (sister)
Friends Judy, Martha, etc.
Likes Family, French food
Dislikes Cindy misbehaving
Voice Actor Tress MacNeille

Sasha Vortex is the mother of Cindy Vortex who is French and is known to love French food. She is the one who expects Cindy to follow the right path in life. Her sister is Susie Vortex who is Cindy's aunt. Sasha is also the wife of Mr. Vortex.

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