Season 1

Season 1: 2002–2003

Unlike Season 2 or 3, Season 1 of Jimmy Neutron takes a more comical approach to the show, with little development of Jimmy and Cindy's relationship.

Prod. No. Title Summary Original airdate
1 "When Pants Attack" Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, and Cindy are attacked by their own pants.
Note: This is the real series premiere of the Nickelodeon series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. This is the first of the three episodes of the show that is not on Netflix
July 20, 2002
2 "Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman" Jimmy wants to be normal so he can fit in./ Jimmy invents a salesman robot to win in a contest against Cindy. September 6, 2002
3 "Brobot / The Big Pinch" Jimmy invents a little brother robot./ In order to prove Cindy wrong, Jimmy brings Thomas Edison to the present, but is unable to take him back when things go wrong. Absent: Hugh, Judy September 13, 2002
4 "Granny Baby / Time is Money" Jimmy accidentally turns Granny Neutron into a baby./ The Neutrons get rich after Jimmy goes back in time to convince his dad to invest in McSpanky's. Absent: Cindy, Libby September 20, 2002
5 "Raise the Oozy Scab / I Dream of Jimmy" Jimmy, Carl, Cindy and Sheen go underwater in a submarine and look for treasure, only to find out it wasn't what they expected. Absent: Goddard, Hugh, Judy/ Carl has Jimmy stuck in a dream and Jimmy has to find his way out. Absent: Libby September 27, 2002
6 "Jimmy on Ice / Battle of the Bands" Jimmy freezes Retroville./ Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl form a rock band so they can beat their arch rivals, Cindy and Libby in the school talent show. Absent: Goddard October 4, 2002
7 "See Jimmy Run / Trading Faces" Jimmy gets super speed abilities with his new shoes, but he can't stop running. Absent: Goddard/ Jimmy and Cindy switch bodies. October 14, 2002
8 "The Phantom of Retroland / My Son, the Hamster" Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go to investigate a supposed "phantom" in Retroland./ Jimmy switches bodies with Carl's hamster. Absent: Cindy, Libby October 30, 2002
9 "Hall Monster / Hypno Birthday to You" Jimmy becomes hall monitor and takes it too far. Absent: Judy/ Jimmy makes his birthday every day, but soon gets sick of it. November 1, 2002
10 "Krunch Time / Substitute Creature" Jimmy invents a candy that everyone becomes addicted to./ Jimmy makes Mrs. Fowl into a 50-foot tall creature whom everyone is scared of. In the episode, "Substitute Creature", Mrs. Fowl looks as she appears to be 400 feet tall (height of Heisei Godzilla) instead of 50 feet tall as when she rips the roof of the sports arena in downtown Retroville. November 15, 2002
11 "Safety First / Crime Sheen Investigation" Jimmy creates two Nanobots that wreak havoc./ Jimmy investigates for Sheen's lost Ultra Lord action figure. Absent: Libby November 30, 2002
12 "Journey to the Center of Carl / Aaughh!! Wilderness!!" Jimmy gets everyone sick, so Jimmy and Sheen go inside Carl's body to fight his germs. / Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go camping with Hugh. Absent: Cindy, Libby January 31, 2003
13 "Party at Neutron's / Ultra Sheen" Jimmy throws a party without his parents' permission./ Sheen goes inside his favorite video game and meets his hero, Ultra Lord.
Note: This is the second of three episodes not on netflix. Absent: Goddard, Hugh, Judy, Cindy, Libby
February 17, 2003
14 "Broadcast Blues / Professor Calatimous, I Presume" Jimmy creates his own science TV show that gets replaced by a dance show with Cindy and Libby. / Jimmy's rival, Professor Calatimous, tries to take over Retroville. Absent: Judy March 14, 2003
15-16 "The Eggpire Strikes Back" Jimmy's worst enemy from the original film comes back and pretends to be nice, but Jimmy suspects something about the Yolkian's evil plan leading the town to turn against him and attend a Yolkian party. At the same time the Yolkians trick Cindy into helping them in their evil plan and Cindy, upon realizing that it is her fault when the Yolkians manage to resurrect Poultra reforms herself by convincing the town to work with Jimmy to defeat the Yolkians.
Note: This is the first special one hour episode of the series and continues from the Nickelodeon theater movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
April 25, 2003
17 "Maximum Hugh / Sleepless in Retroville" Jimmy invents a sweatband to help his dad perform better at the parent-child games./Jimmy invents a new sleep-over machine. Absent: Cindy, Libby May 13, 2003
18 "Make Room for Daddy-O" Jimmy makes Hugh more cool, but it has some flaws, as well. June 6, 2003
19 "Beach Party Mummy" Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Libby and Cindy travel to Egypt to find the tomb of Queen Howsaboutaslapya, only to find out that she s actually Libby,s ancestor. Absent: Goddard, Hugh, Judy June 17, 2003
20 "A Beautiful Mine" Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Libby and Cindy search for rare jewels on an asteroid.
Note: This is first episode with Libby's hairstyle and clothes redesigned.
August 1, 2003
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