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Season 3: 2004–2006

Different screenshots from newer episodes and sound effects are added to the theme song, with the exception of the episodes "Lights, Camera, Danger!", "Fundemonium", "Stranded", "Jimmy Goes to College", and "Who's Your Mommy; Clash of the Cousins".

Prod. No. Title Summary Original airdate
43-44 "Attack of the Twonkies" Jimmy sees a big monster in space, but they come into earth. Jimmy has to get them out of earth before they destroy the world.
Note: This one hour episode has a special theme in the beginning.
November 27, 2004
45 "Lights! Camera! Danger!" Harry Potter franchise] November 27, 2004
46 "The 'N' Men" Jimmy and his friends get zapped by the Van Pattern Radiation Belt and get superpowers (Cindy has super-strength, Sheen has super-speed, Libby has invisibility and Carl has super-burps), but when Jimmy turns into an orange monster and begins destroying the town, they must stop him. November 27, 2004
47 "The Tomorrow Boys" After traveling into the future, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen find out Libby will be the future dictator of the world and now they must save Libby in the present. Absent: Hugh, Judy May 23, 2005
48 "Fundemonium" Hugh makes a fortune creating a brand of children's toys, but the Nanobots soon get inside them and control them to destroy Retroville. Absent: Cindy, Libby May 24, 2005
49 "Stranded" Jimmy and Cindy fall out of Jimmy,s hover car in a fight about the equator and they come up on an island where they find out each other,s true feelings while Carl, Sheen and Libby look for them. Absent: Hugh, Judy, Goddard May 25, 2005
50 "Jimmy Goes to College" Jimmy's grades are so great that he is allowed to skip right to College, but when one of the students become jealous of Jimmy, he tries to embarrass him. Absent: Goddard May 26, 2005
51-52 "The League of Villains" King Goobot returns again, and recruits all of Jimmy's other enemies to help him. June 18, 2005
53 "Who's Your Mommy / Clash of the Cousins" Carl gets infected by a "face-hugging" parasite, and becomes pregnant with an alien baby. Absent: Goddard, Judy/Jimmy and his parents go to the Neutron's little family reunion. All their relatives look like Hugh! Apparently, someone is trying to destroy the family...but who? Absent: Cindy, Libby June 21, 2005
54 "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" Jimmy tries to prevent Jet Fusion from marrying a criminal. Hugh, Judy July 22, 2005
55 "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" Libby is captured by ninjas and Sheen must learn karate to save her. Absent: Hugh, Judy November 18, 2005
56-57 "The Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide" Jimmy and Timmy fight over Cindy. Absent: Hugh, Judy, Goddard January 16, 2006
58 "The Incredible Shrinking Town" Jimmy shrinks the whole town of Retroville. January 23, 2006
59 "One of Us / Vanishing Act" A children's show has hypnotizing powers and turns the town of Retroville against Jimmy. Absent: Goddard/ Jimmy spends time with a magician. Absent: Hugh, Judy January 24, 2006
60 "The Trouble with Clones" An evil Jimmy clone returns and makes a new planet that contains an opposite, more evil Retroville. January 25, 2006
61 "The Evil Beneath / Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius" Jimmy travels to the Bahama Quadrangle (a parody of Bermuda Triangle) to solve the mysterious disappearances surrounding it. Absent: Goddard, Cindy, Libby, Hugh, Judy/ Carl wants to impress a girl by making Jimmy seem stupid in comparison to him. Absent: Goddard, Cindy, Libby, Hugh, Judy January 26, 2006
62 "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron? / Flippy" Jimmy is framed for a crime and goes to jail. Absent: Libby, Goddard/ Worried that his dad will embarrass him at school, Jimmy installs a chip in Hugh's ventriloquist dummy, but when it begins sucking out Hugh,s brain power, Jimmy must change "Flippy" back to normal. Absent: Goddard January 27, 2006
63 "How to Sink a Sub / Lady Sings the News" After Jimmy sends the teachers of his school away, the parents of Retroville fill in. Absent: Goddard/ The kids start a news show. Absent: Goddard, Hugh, Judy November 17, 2006
64 "King of Mars" Eustace returns and plans to take over Mars. Absent: Hugh, Judy November 25, 2006
65 "El Magnifico / Best in Show" Jimmy turns Sheen's dad into a superhero. Absent: Cindy, Libby, Hugh, Judy/ Goddard runs away from home after losing a pet show. Absent: Hugh, Judy November 25, 2006
66-67 "The Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators" Jimmy and Timmy join forces to save both of their universes from getting destroyed which almost leads to losing their friends.
Note: This is the final part of The Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour trilogy and the series finale of Jimmy Neutron. Absent: Goddard
July 21, 2006