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Susie Vortex

Susie Vortex in Maximum Hugh.
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Relationship Unknown
Family Sasha Vortex (sister), Cindy Vortex (niece), Mr. Vortex (brother-in-law)
Friends Unknown
Likes Olympics, Athletics
Dislikes N/A
Voice Actor Megan Cavanagh

Susie Vortex is Cindy Vortex's aunt award-winning athlete and a Olympic buff chick model (appears in episode Maximum Hugh). Although her name suggests that she is Cindy's paternal aunt she actually bears a striking resemblance to Cindy's mother Sasha, which doesn't make sense though she might have married a male relative of Cindy's father. She once impersonated Cindy's mother at a field day so Cindy could cheat to win, but Jimmy figured out the truth when he noticed "Sasha" having a slightly different height, different eye color and a zipper on the back of her neck. She is voiced by Megan Cavanagh.


  • She makes a cameo appearance in "Maternotron Knows Best". You'll C her in exercise area of the spa that Judy Neutron goes to.