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The Junkman is a filthy, overweight, green, ugly, mean-looking and greedy alien from an unknown planet who will sell anything, even his mother for money (and he did).

The Junkman appears in "The Junkman Cometh" and "The League of Villains." He also makes a cameo appearance in "Best in Show" and "Win, Lose and Kaboom".

The Junkman deals in fixing up and selling refuse products throughout the galaxy ("You trash it, I cash it!"). The Junkman has a spaceship that looks like a trash truck. The Junkman has four arms and eyes (two on the back of his head), black Hippie-like hair and three black spikes on his chin that resemble facial hair, he wears red and white striped pants, a camouflage coat with four arm holes, and a yellow shirt which shows his stomach just above his belly button. He owns a pet French Poodle named Roxy, who is in love with Goddard. His spaceship has many recycling machines (like the one that makes "Gravi Disks" out of recyclable metal). He is a member of the villain group in "The League of Villains," leading to his romantic relationship with Beautiful Gorgeous after being sprayed with Jimmy's love potion in the episode "The League of Villains (episode)". He refers to humans as "water sacks". His ship includes a cloud machine and a tractor beam.