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Twonkus 3 is a comet that enters Earth's orbit once or twice a year. It is also native to the tough species of the Twonkies. Jimmy has explored the comet, and was attacked by a adult Twonkie, which is a fusion/evolved of Twonkies who have heard musical patterns. It is unknown how Twonkies colonized Twonkus 3, or how the twonkies heard music, but at least two adult twonkies still live in Twonkus 3.

Twonkies are known for their toughness, as all of Goddard's weapons don't even affect the Twonkie. Like all comets, Twonkus 3 is icy, and about 1/10 the size of the moon. When passing Earth's orbit, impact with the atmosphere creates colorful rays in the "sky" similar to the aurora borealis, the northern lights.


The comet is mostly white as it is covered in a snow-like substance. It has many large rock formations, which are all colored gray or tan.


Twonkus 3 only appears in the special, double-length episode Attack of the Twonkies.