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Ultra Lord is Sheen's toy and his friend.once Sheen lost his toy and claimed it was stolen.but Sheen found the toy and had to fight some squirrels to get Ultra Lord  back.
Ultra Lord

Gender Male
Relationship UltraLady (according to Sheen)
Family Unnamed family (as revealed in "Send in the Clones")
Friends Sheen Estevez (one-sided on Sheen's side)
Likes Sheen, fighting crime and bad guys, winning in battle
Dislikes Robo-Fiend, other bad guys, losing in battle
Voice Actor Jim Cummings

Ultra Lord (A possible parody of Ultra Man) is a TV show character, which Sheen is really obsessed with. Also, there are a series of Ultra Lord action figures out. In the show, Robo-Fiend is Ultra Lord's arch-nemesis, but Sheen often says that he fought many enemies like the Predatrous Plants. Once was a time where Jimmy and Sheen "helped" Ultra Lord fight Robo-Fiend in his video game. He's voiced by Jim Cummings. in the show Jimmy Nutron the Boy Genious Ultra Lord has been seen wearing blue,black,and purple suits.usually Ultra Lord wears purple or just blue suits.