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Wendall, (also known as Benny or Bennie), is a student of Lindbergh Elementary School. He an orange-haired child who is Nick's best friend. He is mostly seen in the background. He scared the children half to death on the planet they were on as part of Nick's plan. Recently, he has become Butch's bully dummy. In The Eggpire Strikes Back he got a scooter from the Yolkians


  • In the PC game and movie, he is named Bennie/Benny.
  • He has an interest in doing graffiti as shown in Holly Jolly Jimmy.
  • He is mostly used as a "punch bag" throughout the series, shown at the beginning of Stranded.
  • In Calling All Aliens and the movie, Wendall wore a plain blue shirt. But in the series, his shirt became white with blue sleves and had the number 15 on it.
  • He has a fairly large role in the PC game compared to the film.


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